Disney Crazed

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.”

Walt Disney

I have a trip to Disney in the Fall and I’m OBSESSED. I have been looking up Disney related everything daily. I watch DFB Guide videos like it’s the news and subscribed to their newsletter. I scour the Disney website for deals. I have even set multiple reminders for when to make dinner reservations and ride preferences. My newest obsession is fully understanding the hype to Disney movies. I don’t vote for someone if I don’t know their platform and I equally don’t get on the bandwagon for big names because they are big names. Thus, before my trip I plan to watch all the main Star Wars movies, watch all the Disney princess movies, and rewatch Avatar and Toy Story. Those movie franchises comprise most of the newest and grand attractions at Disney. My real question is why I can’t keep this same energy with other aspects of my life. For example, I really want to learn Japanese, but it has been days since I’ve looked at any materials. I haven’t loss my desire to learn, but I don’t have the drive. I remember how fervent I tried to learn before my first trip to Tokyo. It makes me appreciate the mind trip of having something to look forward to. Without a trip to Tokyo in sight I will have to find something to excite me. This dilemma isn’t exclusive to learning Japanese. I wonder what else I’m slacking on because I don’t have a goal or something exciting down the line to anticipate.

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