Claude’s Favorite Things in 2021- Week 2

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Throughout the years, I have been enamored with Oprah’s favorite things. Recently, I feel it’s more of a novelty, but I remember when she used to give things out on her show. You get a car. You get a car. You get a car! I can’t do that, but for the advent season I thought I’d share some of my favorite things. These are things I currently do or did in the last year. Many of these favorite things will include links for promotions and discounts! Enjoy!

Week 1

December 8, 2021

Murray’s Cheese Classes

During the height of the pandemic, I still wanted to do something that quenched my foodie thirst for new experiences and fine foods. Thankfully, I came across various remote guided tastings, including the Murray’s Cheese Classes. I was so excited to see these classes offered virtually, because I always wanted to go to their classes in NYC. This means you’ll be able to enjoy this in states other than New York!!! I did a few classes and they either had the cheeses paired with cocktails or wines. Even if the cheese pairing isn’t alcohol related, you can opt to purchase a beverage guide that helps you pair cheeses to your preference. The classes were very informative and fun. They were also recorded, so you could either participate live or at your convenience. The packaging was nice and the customer service was excellent. I highly recommend this for a remote girls night out or long distance date.

December 9, 2021


I don’t remember how I came across this service, but it’s awesome. Udemy offers thousands of classes. It takes it a step further because many of these classes offer certifications. With these classes and certifications, you can enrich a new hobby, start a new career path, or just learn. Learning is fun. Over the course of the year, I have bought classes in programming, Reiki, shiatsu massage, and Japanese fluency. These are definitely works in progress, but that’s completely fine because all the classes are self guided. Udemy might be a good resource when you are trying to figure out your new year resolutions. Look out for the sales!

December 10, 2021

Mia’s Bakery

I feel a little bad listing this because it’s local to Brooklyn, but my list would be inaccurate without missing this bakery. When I lived in Nashville I was crazy about the Cupcake Collection. I moved to NYC and it took me months to satisfy that void. One day, I asked a friend where to get a cake for a birthday party and he said that the only place to go was Mia’s Bakery. He was absolutely correct. Before I went to purchase my first cake, I bought a few cupcakes to test out the place. I was hooked!!! The red velvet cake is naturally a crowd favorite and is amazing there. However, the Mac Daddy has to be the tres leches cupcake. It’s moist and the flavor is perfect. All of the cupcakes are great. Surprisingly the incredible flavor translated to the cakes as well. I haven’t had the tres leches cake for fear that I would devour the entire cake. We have had multiple flavors without any disappointments. I really enjoy the Oreo cake. It tastes like Oreos, not some other nonsense you usually get in “Oreo” flavored cakes. If you are ever in Brooklyn… Please, please, please drop by and get a tres leches cupcake or red velvet anything so I can live vicariously through you.

December 11, 2021

Camp Kinda

Camp Kinda was a saving grace during the summer. My kids are homeschooled and we essentially do “schooling” all year, but incorporate lighter lessons during the summer. Camp Kinda offers daily content for school aged children during that time. They also offer support during the regular school year. I really like them because they have empowered me to create my own lessons as well. Please check this site out and register for their next camping session!!!

December 12, 2021


I’m not a fan of subscriptions, but I love the quality of this brand. If you’re a member, the deals are amazing. I first started getting interested in this brand to revamp my collection of fitness clothing. However, I recently learned that this brand is also my new favorite for vacation and airport wear. The clothes are comfortable and cute. Their winter selection is awesome. I can choose from looking warm and snuggly to showing a little skin. They also have clothing for men! If you’re not into online shopping, they also have many stores across the country. In fact, I made my most recent purchases after seeing how cute they were in person. Join the club!

December 13, 2021

***Feminine Product and some TMI***

This one is for the ladies and men that are in touch with what the ladies are going through. Like my dad… He used to follow me in the feminine products aisle ( aka baby aisle, aka condoms aisle, aka Depends aisle, aka aisle women are stuck in from birth), and pry about my preferences so he could get something for me or simply embarrass me. Well… Daddy… the options have changed. I first learned about these in college and I believe they were called Diva cups. Fast forward, these things have become a mainstay for me because I figured out the best time to use them. I’m on my period for mad days and around the end, there’s this weird period where I’m on, but not on… You get me? I found these times frustrating because the flow was too unpredictable. Softdics give me the flexibility to have something that’s carefree and can hold up whatever happens in those last days. Granted, you need to be comfortable with your body and what comes out of it for this to sit well with you. As for me, I love them. Its claims on the box have not failed during my specified time. I highly recommend giving this product a try.

December 14, 2021

Universal Studios Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando Premium Season Passes

We are ending this week with a double feature. My vacation spot of choice this year was Florida. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with Disney this year and watching Disney Vlogs, but this entry isn’t about that. Today is about two season passes that are worth every cent if you use them correctly.

Let’s start with the Universal Studios Resort’s premium season pass. Yes… it’s expensive, but I promise you it’s worth it if you’ll be there for a vacation and go at certain times. The real discount from the free ticket and or free admission to Halloween Horror Nights. If you use that perk, you break even if you go to both parks twice. Essentially, I broke even the second day I used it because I got a free hopper ticket for my family member, I went to both parks and I got a free Express Pass (skip the lines) for most attractions after 4pm each day. The amount of money I saved is crazy because there are other perks like discounts on purchases, free photopass, discount tickets, and free premier parking.

The other super saving sludge is the SeaWorld Orlando Premier season pass. This one is cray cray because you get 6 free guest passes to SeaWorld and can use your pass at any of the other affiliated parks like other SeaWorlds, Busch Gardens, Aquatica and Sesame Place. You also get discounts on purchases, free photopass, discount tickets, and free premier parking. The other benefit is that they have random “passholder only” extended hours and discounts on packages at their food festivals. These food festivals are EVERYTHING. I mean… some of the best theme park food you’ll have and the bar is not low nowadays.

There are so many other perks that it’s worth checking them out. Yes they are expensive, but DO THE MATH. If my family is going to either of those places, I get the Premium pass and they get the basic season passes or use my guest passes.

Another loosely related splurge, that you must do, is getting that RIP pass for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando. Hands down, that’s the best way to do that event… The only way I would ever do it.

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