Claude’s Favorite Things in 2021- Week 3

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Throughout the years, I have been enamored with Oprah’s favorite things. Recently, I feel it’s more of a novelty, but I remember when she used to give things out on her show. You get a car. You get a car. You get a car! I can’t do that, but for the advent season I thought I’d share some of my favorite things. These are things I currently do or did in the last year. Many of these favorite things will include links for promotions and discounts! Enjoy!

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December 15, 2021

One Year No Beer

This Fall, I had some health issues. There wasn’t a direct correlation to my drinking habits, but I had a feeling that the alcohol had to go. I read about a few programs online because I knew I would need support. Alcohol was a major aspect of my life from consuming my hobbies, to being my go to for stress relief and celebrations, and being part of future career plans. I didn’t relate to AA and my story was different from a person that would identify as an “alcoholic.” I found One Year No Beer and knew it was the program for me. It fits my needs and met me where I was. After more than 60 days into this challenge,I am blown away by what this program is really about. It starts out as a way to stop drinking, but it evolves into a life changing program. My life is changing and I now have a support system of people whose lives are changing as well. Many of you may be doing a dry January and I can get you a free month of this program to get you through it. I’ll be doing it too! We’ll be goal friends. I’m also starting a blog series that has my daily reflections of my journey.

December 16, 2021

ModelCo Lash Bond Eye Liner

I love lashes. I occasionally get my lashes done, but prefer falsies most times because of the gaps I get. I’m not on top of getting the fill-ins. I also use falsies during times I need a fill in. I didn’t like the traditional method of applying eyeliner then gluing the lash on. I also tried the magnetic lashes. I found a brand I loved, but it was so difficult to remove from my lids. That made me uneasy. For the last year I’ve been using ModelCo Lash Bond Eye Liner and won’t turn back. It’s an eyeliner that you apply the lashes to. I apply the eyeliner like normal and pop any falsies right on. It has worked for me everytime.

December 17, 2021

Fasting with Sumaya

So… I loss about 30 pounds since the pandemic started and tried a lot of things to get that weight off. The post detailing my weightloss journey is coming once I get to my goal weight. I’ve loss a total of 15 pounds with Sumaya’s guidance. This may not sound like much, but I’ve done these challenges around holidays. I’ve made it through holidays and birthday celebrations without gaining weight. You’ll be reminded of how hard that is in a week or two. LOL. Independent of Sumaya, I think fasting is a great way to lose weight and get blood sugars under control. Fasting has also helped me recover faster from illnesses and has helped me get in tune with my body and it’s needs. Sumaya’s challenges just kicks it up a notch because she provides the support, guidance, community, and encouragement needed for this lifestyle change. I love her Facebook support group and her app. I recommend going all out for your first try. You may fail, but she personally contacts you and helps reorient your priorities and goals. I’ve abandoned ship many times, but it still worked and she never gave up on me. Thank you Sumaya for everything.

December 18, 2021


Mixers are important. Even in this NA AF life, I love a good adult drink. To me, an adult drink means that it quenches the palate and satisfies the taste buds. Fevertree offers the best mixers, whether you’re pairing it with vodka or a crafted non-alcoholic spirit. Honestly, I prefer to drink them on their own. My favorite flavors are ginger beer and grapefruit.

December 19, 2021

Ritual Zero Proof

I believe I put the cart before the horse yesterday. I mentioned non-alcoholic sprits. Honestly, that sounds like an oxymoron, but follow me. From what I’ve read and experienced, these solutions are made to smell, taste, and even feel like sprits. If you’re not accustomed to a flavor map I’d check out this link. That link is for beer, but you can google flavor maps for various types of alcoholic beverages and food. Essentially, this company mimics the flavors that we are accustomed to appreciating in gin, tequila, rum, and whiskey. For example, the rum alternative is described to have flavors of, ” warm vanilla, toasted spice, bitter orange, toffee, caramel.” I have to caution that I wouldn’t drink any of these spirit alternatives alone. However, they are perfect with dairy-free mixers. I initially felt the tequila alternative was meh, but I promise you that these drinks shine when substituted for alcohol in cocktails. I had a virgin margarita and added the tequila alternative. It was perfect. I highly recommend this brand because it’s straightforward as to how to use them as a substitution in drinks.

December 20, 2021


I started using Bagamour last season. I love to accessorize, but I’m not into name brands or material things. I’ll eat my money and go o experiences, but will not spend much on anything that will be trash at some point. I also don’t care for shopping. Thus, this seasonal box has been perfect for me. Before you start, you complete a survey to assess whether you’re a classic woman, everyday woman, or boho chic woman. I get the everyday woman box. Each box comes with two bags, one bag specific to your survey and another everyday “throw everything in there” bag. You also get a few accessories. I highly recommend trying this service out. I also did a video on this box. It’s my first video on my channel, so I’m super excited to break the seal on that. Again, give this box a try.

December 21, 2021

Mazi Puri Puri sauce

Ironically, this was one of Oprah’s favorite things a few years ago. I first learned about this magical sauce at a pizza making class. We mixed it into our sauce and I loved it from the first taste. This sauce has so much flavor and the right level of heat that it’s still enjoyable. The Mazi man makes all of the sauces himself and has a special way in which orders are made. I recommend trying this sauce. I’ve been using this sauce for about 6 years. I put it on everything savory.

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