“The Shift”- Audible Review


“The Shift” is an audiobook that was written by Dr. Gary Foster and was Narrated by Dr. Gary Foster, Amy Deuchler, Gary Bennett, and Joel Richards. Dr. Gary Foster is the chief scientific officer for WW, a weight loss program that has helped countless of people lose weight and change their relationship with food. The emphasis of the book was to help people understand the mindset shifts that are key to losing weight and keeping weight off. The book went through the 7 mindset shifts that people need to establish for losing and maintaining weight loss. The major themes I got from this book were:

Self Compassion
CBT of Weight Loss
Habit formation
Enhancing Your Strengths
Valuing your body
Weight Stigma
Seeking Support
Happiness Now

Yes, there are more than 7 listed because I felt there were themes within the 7 main chapters that stood out such as weight stigma and gratitude.

My listening experience

I was mostly driving and doing chores while I listened to this audiobook. I initially listened at 1.25x speed, but dialed back near the end of the book. It was cool having the author as one of the narrators. I enjoy that because it reflects the conversational tone of the book. The female narrator was very convincing as she read the personal accounts in the book. I could hear insecurity as she started the stories, but empowerment as she discussed applying the various mindset shifts.


I chose this audiobook because I was a member of WW. I felt the program was helpful and I was interested to hear the basis of the scientific programming. They recently changed their points system and the new program appeared to have a different emphasis. I was going to the audiobook for answers. As I listened, I could see how aspects of the audiobook were reflected in the WW program. The book appeared to be a review of most the psychological theories and therapies that could be helpful for weight loss. The fact is that everyone can’t have a therapist or life coach, so it’s great that there are audiobooks like this and programs like WW to increase access. There was an explanation, application points, and a personal story related to each of the 7 mindset shifts. However, the things that stood out most to me were the audiobook’s emphasis on weight shaming and gratitude. The book may have been preaching to the choir given the population that would likely buy the book. However, I was still appalled to hear how various people are shamed to the point that they are devalued beyond recognition. Nevertheless, as the audiobook closed, the author gives a lot of emphasis on gratitude and how it can be the key to regaining self worth and happiness. I would recommend this book to anyone that is trying to lose weight and anyone that cares for people that are trying to lose weight. The latter group includes, but isn’t limited to physicians, therapist, those working in the weight loss industry, loved ones of people struggling with weight and parents of youth struggling with weight.

Listen to The Shift by Gary Foster on Audible. https://www.audible.com/pd/125082902X?source_code=ASSOR1500219210011

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