My Year of No Beer- Sprint 5

These blog posts document my journey of abstaining from alcohol for a year with the help of the One Year No Beer program. Please feel free to comment because I know there are others that could benefit from hearing your voice as well. I would be thrilled if we could be on this journey together. I started this blog about 60 days in the challenge, so there’s plenty of time for us to be goal friends.

Sprint 5- December 9- December 24, 2021

Day 56

Today’s inspiration was about giving back. I’m 56 days into this journey and it’s time I encouraged someone else. When I first started this blog I fantasized about making it public. I could have done this from the start, but I always felt I had to validate my journey. In my mind, I needed to complete at least 90 days. I took for granted that this wasn’t easy for me and there are many people that may be need to hear about both the early and seasoned struggles and triumphs. Nevertheless, I’ve gotten permission in the inspiration to share my story. So, within the next week I’ll be putting together my blog for public viewing. I’ll continue writing daily, but will post each Sprint on a biweekly basis. I’m excited to be reminded that my voice matters and can help others who are trying to embrace this amazing lifestyle. 

Day 57

Today’s inspiration was about neuroplasticity. Use it or lose it. If I use certain parts of my brain, those areas will grow. However, an unused area will whither away. The more I operate in autopilot, those areas of learning are bound to shrivel. I was encouraged by the inspiration to start something new: learn a language, pick up a new hobby… Ironically, this came up for me today. I attempted to drive a manual car. My adventure taught me that there’s nothing that can challenge the brain like something physical. I’m a lecture queen, but moving my body in a new way was beyond difficult.

Day 58

Today’s inspiration was about how motion affects mood and vice versa. I was encouraged to do an exercise in which I posture myself in a way that’s bright, forward, and engaged. Ironically, you can’t feel as tired when you’re upright, bright eyed, and bushy tailed. Changing positions and breathing was also  encouraged. This reminds me of the notion that smiling creates happiness. This is a concrete way in which our behaviors can affect how we feel. 

Day 59

Today’s inspiration was about extending the challenge. I happened to have signed up for the one year challenge up front. I’m glad that I decided to do the yearly challenge initially, because when I go for shorter commitments or do challenges that have an initial commitment with the option to continue, I stop… every time. At the end of that shorter challenge I typically feel that I’ve learned enough and can handle it on my own. Most times I abandon whatever I was doing. Somethings stick, but most don’t.  Honestly, if I signed up for the 90 day, I would likely have stopped. Nevertheless, I’m glad to keep going because I want to keep this momentum to continue. I want to feel high off of life into 2022. I want to learn more because this isn’t just about alcohol anymore, it’s about changing my life. 

Day 60

Today’s inspiration was about cultivating happiness now. In the video, he talked about smiling and seeing how that made me feel. The text however, reiterated the concept of controlling my thoughts. I am encouraged that I have control over my happiness. I therefore, need to confront why I feel I can’t be happy NOW. I don’t have permission to blame the people around me or my circumstances. This is difficult to accept at times, but it’s also liberating to know I’m not helpless. This goes for my thoughts and actions. I have control and I’m the master of this ship. 

Day 61

Today’s inspiration was about how I am responsible for this journey. This could be seen as daunting, but could also be seen as empowering. Sometimes I reflect on what started this journey. I initially gave too much credit to the fact I had a health issue. But at the end of the day… I didn’t have to stop drinking. My drinking didn’t directly correlate to my health scare. I left out of my health scare with nothing more than  instructions to take iron supplements and wean off of Prilosec… That’s not nearly enough to convince someone not to drink. I wanted this and thought about this even before the doctor said it was best not to drink. I stopped for myself and it will be me to continue for myself. 

Day 62

Today’s inspiration was about resting and finding a way to relax… So, nap time it is. Zzzzz

Day 63

Today’s inspiration was about acting silly. As I go on this journey,  I have to disprove the false belief that “people who don’t drink are not fun.” I also have to disprove that people who don’t drink can’t be silly. I believe I’m silly and disinhibited enough, but this inspiration made me think about something that I may have to work on. I have to work on my threshold for having others being “silly” around me. As I drink less, I become more aware of others when they drink and how it affects them. I have to fight the urge to be the party pooper. Of course, if it’s an issue of safety, I must step in. However, I can see how I have the tendency to be much more cautious about how other behave than I would if I were drunk too. There is a perceived freedom that you have when you’re drunk and the other person is too. When drunk people around me, not drunk, I can see how that can make someone feel less free or even judged. It may be difficult to have people gain that comfort with me in my new status, but it’s worth a try. I have to use my new lifestyle as a way to uplift and comfort than a means to stick up my nose at others.

Day 64

Today’s inspiration was about the wellbeing window. That’s the window between a stimulus and response. The larger the window, the more control I have to choose my next move. The smaller the gap the more likely I am to act on impulse or make a reactive decision. The theory is that the skills I’ve learned in this program should lengthen my window. Abstinence in itself lengthens the window. The shorter the window the more we are likely to live in autopilot… That’s essentially sleep walking throughout life. I want to live through my life. 

Day 65

Today’s inspiration was about going for the year long challenge. I wanted to check out because I’m already on that trajectory, but the inspiration gave me another challenge of writing my dreams and challenges for the next year. It’s very fitting because we’ll be bringing in the new year next week. Here’s my list:


15,000 steps a day

Start a yogo practice

Goal weight; normal BMI

Use only the allotted points on WW


Run a race


Make my productivity bonus

Capitalize on Extra Shifts

Complete Lifestyle Coaching Course

Blogging and Vlogging


Regular video game nights with the family

Biweekly family outings

Biweekly dates

Personal development

Complete the Reiki course

Finish Level 1 Japanese with full knowledge of hirigana and katakana

Complete massage course

Start pre-programing course

Day 66

Today’s inspiration was about finding passion. I was encouraged to think back to my youth and recall dreams that I had. I was also encouraged to think about what I would spend with 1 billion pounds of I couldn’t spend it on myself. The first thing that came to me was being a talk show host. I love talking and interacting with others. I feel flow when I’m talking to others. As for the 1 billion dollars, I figured I’d give back to the places that supported me… Churches, schools, mentors, programs, loved ones. Part of me would like to change whole systems, but I unfortunately know that there’s no amount of money to fix certain disparities. That’s a policy and advocacy issue. Part of me also wants to be a public figure, but that’s the dream I’m most ambivalent about. 

Day 67

Today’s inspiration was about reflecting on what i think my life would look like if I won the lottery. I’d want to:

Fully homeschool my children

Have lunch with my husband 3-4 times a week

Eat dinner with my family daily

Exercise daily

Eat world class food daily

Enjoy anime and movies

Take more classes

Day 68

Today’s inspiration was about taking the road less traveled; not following the crowd. I’m already taking that road with this challenge. Although there are many benefits to avoiding alcohol, it’s still the norm in this culture to drink. The inspiration took it a step further and encouraged me to carve out a new path in a new area of my life. I have to think about that. I try many things, but I don’t necessarily think I’m a “trailblazer.” I was just talking to a friend about my blog/vlog in which I don’t want to fit a niche. I want to live and share my experiences. If executed properly, this could be considered trailblazing. 

Day 69

Today’s inspiration was about going for that next big challenge. On day 2, I was encouraged to do the same thing. I was so weak at the time that I blew it off. Now that I’m feeling well and up for the challenge, I took the leap and booked the race. I’m going to do the hot chocolate run in Philadelphia. I figured it’s close enough to drive to and should be fun. I enjoyed this run last time, but had to train. I’m ready to train again. Spending the money and having the date set makes a huge difference. It’s almost like a second wind. I also liked that this race is NA friendly. There are so many races where the endpoint is something related to alcohol. I’m not knocking it, but it’s refreshing to know that temptation won’t be at the end of this accomplishment. It’ll be something I can enjoy without worry… Chocolate! Normally sweets aren’t that great, but after a 15k I should be fine. Time to look up some training programs! 

Day 70

Today was the review for Sprint 5. This Sprint motivated me the most to take action. It was during this Sprint that I made steps towards my goals and dreams. I booked the race. I started my blog. I at least thought about meditation. I’m taking on the year. I’m so thankful for all the changes that this program has aimed to foster in my life. I look forward to seeing the rest of the inspirations as I progress through the year. 

If you want more information about the One Year No Beer program. Check out this LINK. I strongly recommend this program if you question your relationship with beer. Even if you’re doing a “dry” month, it could be helpful for you to meet your goal.

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