Excitement: The Saga Continues ( Start of Fourth Pregnancy Blog and Links to Other Pregnancy Blogs)

Week 10… It’s amazing how much of a baby is formed by that time!!!

I’m finally committing to starting this blog. Excitement : The Saga Continues is the fourth of my series of pregnancy blogs: Exciting Expectations, Excited Again, and More Excitement. I will use this blog as my main platform for blogging about my fourth pregnancy. It’s already been so eventful. In addition to the blogs below, check out my blog about how training for a half marathon turned into a gender reveal.


I had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday. The day was filled with relaxation, love, and happiness. It was really a great day. I had been partying all week, so it wasn’t until yesterday that I was really in tune with my body. I started to first notice weird sensations in my stomach… Flutters. I then couldn’t avoid that I was having cramping. I am currently 4 days late and was expecting Aunt Flo’s visit, so this didn’t seem unusual. Then the runny nose… Nonstop runny nose. That doesn’t mean much to most people, but it’s definitely a pregnancy sign for me. Out of all four pregnancies, this would be the first that I was completely surprised. I have been slowly more acceptant that number 4 was likely coming, but I wanted to get to my goal weight beforehand. Needless to say, I’m not at my goal, but may very well be pregnant. I’m usually regular so it’s interesting that I’m late. I know where babies come from, so I can’t be surprised, but this time we weren’t “trying.” If I am pregnant, the estimated due date would be January 12… I would officially have a child in each season. Pretty cool. I’m also thinking it’s a boy. This is very similar to Asher… Since the day I could feel symptoms of pregnancy, one of the first symptoms were pain and discomfort. My boys make me slow down to smell roses. I thank God that I’m in better place to receive this blessing. So far the tests have been negative, so only time will tell. 


I am pregnant!!!! After going back and forth about whether we wanted another child, we decided on trying. I decided that this would be the last pregnancy. Kids are awesome, but it’s time to go on that pregnancy retirement tour. I found out I was pregnant on January 11, 2022. It was so random. I took the test because I was nauseous. The nausea wouldn’t go away and was nagging. I took a test and it was positive. As an aside, I hate how similar the COVID test looks to pregnancy tests. Thankfully, I haven’t tested positive on those. I would have blogged earlier, but it’s been a crazy two weeks. So crazy that I occasionally forget I’m pregnant. My cousin died, a close family friend died, and Arlinton’s grandmother went to the ICU. I don’t think I’ve had time to process or revel in being pregnant. Nevertheless, I’m surely pregnant and 2 weeks late. Ironically, I’m no longer nauseous. I’ve been running throughout this pregnancy and I wonder if that’s been helpful. My main symptom in lower back pain. I don’t know if I’m making up things, but I felt like this with Asher. I remember being in pain most of that pregnancy. I’ve been hydrating as much as possible to see if it helps. I’m also eating everything. I can’t wait until I learn the gender because I have something sick planned for the gender reveal. 


This week has been a challenge. In the last week I learned that two loved ones passed away. I also started spotting. I’m well aware that this can be normal during pregnancy, but it hasn’t been for me. I don’t remember having real issues until the end of my pregnancies. I remember having pain with Asher, but the spotting definitely took me off guard. In addition to the spotting, I’m also having cramping. It’s definitely not contractions, but I feel absolutely uncomfortable. The treatment has been rest. It’s been hard to rest. Lately, I’ve been focused about accomplishing goals and getting things done. Slowing down has been uncomfortable and psychologically taxing. It sounds counterintuitive even writing it, but it’s the truth. I’m struggling with the possibility of needing to slow down for a few weeks or months. It’s killing me thinking that I may need not be able to walk the race in April or run around like I’d want. I never want to feel like a burden. I am confronted with these thoughts every time I deliver my babies, all c-sections. It’s kind of shattering being this motivated and not knowing how to channel my energy. All in all, my main focus is now the health of this baby and myself. 

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