When Age Isn’t Just a Number

Looks like my Daily Pill Routine…

I used to scoff at the term “geriatric pregnancy” before it was remotely a reality for me. I thought it was the worst term to describe a pregnancy. “Advanced maternal age” doesn’t tickle my fancy either. Yet…here I am… in a prehistoric pregnancy. I thought I planned it correctly. I’m 34 and thought that I cheated the system. However, at my first appointment, I was firmly reminded that my child would be born after the cutoff… Booooooo. Anyway, I left the appointment with instructions to take Aspirin daily. Apparently, Aspirin decreases the risk of high blood pressure in pregnancy with advanced maternal age by 70%! Not bad.

I thought that was the end of it, but it was just the beginning. My age has been brought up at various times, either by another doctor or my own awareness. In terms of my awareness, it hit very different when I was doing my screenings for chromosomal abnormalities. Before, it was a “them” issue. I was low risk for my other three pregnancies, but all of a sudden, I needed to be more aware of the risks. Thankfully, all the screening tests came back fine.

If nerve-racking screening tests weren’t enough, I had to be reminded of my age at the maternal fetal specialist. Once again, I failed my glucose tests, was put on a diet, and have to stick myself 4 times a day. My old friend gestational diabetes is back to haunt me. However, unlike before, I was told that I shouldn’t get too excited about the good results because I’m old and anything can happen. What joy.

Well… Do I feel old? Yes. I am exhausted as if it’s the end of the pregnancy, my back hurts, and I think I’m developing sciatica. Out of all 4 pregnancies, I have finally learned to prioritize self care. I think I’ve taken more relaxing baths in the last few weeks than I have in years. I’ve been waiting to get massages and make a chiropractor appointment until I was a little further in the pregnancy. I think I’m far enough and it’s on like Donkey Kong. I can’t wait to get my mani-pedis, massages, and alignments before I can’t anymore. Cheers to being “old” and pregnant.

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