The Chronicles of Conqueror Kitty! ( EXPLICIT CONTENT!!!)

Looks like my Daily Pill Routine…

This one is for all the ladies with a vagina; AKA Private, Poom Poom, Coochy, Pussy, Vageen, Yoni, Va Jay Jay, Va Gee Gee, Vag, Hot Box, Cunt, Kitten, and other colorful terms that we know and love. I wanted to write this blog because I don’t think we give our kittens enough love. I also wrote this because our kittens go through a lot of changes during pregnancy.

Conqueror Kitty Needs Love

Women seem to have issues with self-love in general and this is especially true for our kittens. A lot of women don’t even know what their kitten looks like. As a matter of fact, if you are one of those women, get a mirror and look! We should not have to be ashamed of any body part, especially one so vital to our wellbeing, the wellbeing of others, and the future of humanity. It’s not a simple vessel in which things go in and out of, our vaginas should be cherished. It’s not our fault that we think about our vaginas negatively. We aren’t encouraged to explore ourselves and we are bombarded with mixed or negative messages about our vaginas. We are told we either need a WAP or we have fish. How dare the media perpetuate negative messages or tell us we need vaginas that exhibit signs of a STD. Don’t get me wrong, a WAP isn’t always a bad thing, but it also should not define how you feel about your vagina. I get on my soapbox because these messages aren’t shoved down men’s throats about their private parts. It is much more acceptable for men to explore themselves. They also aren’t forced to feel inadequate about themselves. They have feel good statements like, ” It’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean.” Where are our empowering statements?! Women, we need to love our vaginas and take pride in our prized possessions. We too have family jewels that should be treasured.

*** Disclaimer*** Although I am a doctor, the comments below are anecdotal. Please seek advise from your Ob/Gyn if you experience discomfort or want to know more about any of the symptoms below

One of my first portraits. I used to have the time, energy, and motivation to paint.

Conquer Kitten’s Journey Through Pregnancy

Trekking Through the Desert or Sloshing Through the Rainforest

One change that I don’t hear talked about readily is vaginal discharge. Some people have cups than runneth over and others are concerned that the water bill hasn’t been paid. For our swimming kittens, you need to be rest assured that this is normal. However, just like I mentioned with the WAP, increased discharge can be a symptom of STDs . As for vaginal dryness, you should not be ashamed. Once again, you should discuss this with your doctor, but there are many over the counter remedies; LUBE. Don’t be ashamed to do what you have to do to feel comfortable. I would start out with the sensitive formulations given you don’t want anything that can further irritate you. Pregnancy is a time of increased sensitivity… to everything.

Master of Disguise

We are well aware that our physical appearance can change during pregnancy, but our vaginas change too. This may not be something that you would see or notice, but it’s worth knowing about. I once had a wax technician tell me that she could tell the difference when her clients were pregnant. Newsflash, those wax technician see more of you than you think. Some outer changes include changes in color and even shape. Some kittens bulge out. Yes. You may start seeing more of your insides from the outside. This can be normal, to an extent, depending on how many pregnancies a women has had, but it may be another reason to seek professional help for treatment or prevention.

Loosely related to your vagina is the hair around it. Don’t be surprised if the hair grows more or falls out. The challenge in hair growth is taming it. You won’t believe how difficult it is to shave when you can’t see anything. I would recommend using lots of sensitive shaving cream and sensitive razors. Waxing seems like the great next option, but be aware that you’re more sensitive to pain in those regions during pregnancy.

Wild Lion or Tame Kitten

Sex drives vary during pregnancy. Expectant mommas should be compassionate with themselves no matter what side of the spectrum they fall. For our tamer kittens, be reassured that it’s normal to have less drive. However, stay aware of the signs of depression because low sex drive may be hinting to a deeper issue. As for our ravenous ladies, be rest assured that it’s normal as well. However, don’t be surprised that your partner doesn’t get the memo. Don’t take it to heart. While you may assume that it’s something wrong with you, there are other reasons your partner may be hesitant. Many partners see their pregnant lovers as fragile and are worried about both their partner and the baby. This is not unfounded. There are times where sex is prohibited for both the safety of the mother and baby. Moreover, some partners may not know how to navigate through the new bumps. Transparency and open discussions about how you’re feeling can always help. If all fails, there’s always toys.

Again, I can’t reiterate enough that we need to love our vaginas and appreciate those with vaginas. Please drop some comments about your favorite pet names, pregnancy symptoms, or overall thoughts. Subscribe if you want to hear more of my prenatal thoughts and get the first glimpse of my birth story.

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