When you got the GLOW!- Recap of the first 2 trimesters

My belly if there were many of them and stacked up.

Week 25! Woohoo! This pregnancy is flying. I can’t say this enough: I don’t remember much from the other pregnancies. Well, I remember, but it feels so new and as if this is my first. There are a lot of symptoms and moods that are new to this pregnancy. Below, I’ll be outlining a few of my favorites.


I honestly chose that title so I can play the song “The Glow” from “The Last Dragon” on my IG story. Seriously though, I’ve had an evolution of “the glow” and skin issues throughout this pregnancy. Intially, I had a real glow. Have you ever put on highlighter and concealer? That’s what I saw on my face naturally. For a few weeks, I didn’t have any dark circles or anything. It was amazing. Well… My raccoon eyes are back, but now I have a new skin thing that’s completely new for me. I have Melasma. It’s a random darkening of skin on my nose and others areas of my face. It’s not super apparent to others, but I know it’s there. I think the glow look that most people get at the end of pregnancy is most similar to swelling. With the swelling, features soften and the face starts popping. You exude fertility.

Burn Baby Burn

I’m hot! I’m literally burning up. I went from feeling like I was going through puberty to feeling like I’m going through menopause. It’s not as dramatic as hot flashes, but I’m definitely feeling the heat. I have to keep a fan on me, especially at night. For my other pregnancies, I’d scoffed at people talking about how much hotter the summers were pregnant. I didn’t have that issue. However, I’m in fear that I’ll be feeling the heat this summer like never before.

Like Running A Marathon

Have you ever finished an extensive run and didn’t stretch? Do you remember that sore feeling? Imagine that feeling throughout your upper thighs and crotch without doing anything. That’s how my round ligament pain feels. My little one is head down and the pressure is on. I’ve been wearing a maternity belt to hold up my stomach because the pressure makes it difficult to get around without limping. It’s coming to the point where I hold my stomach up if I don’t have my belt. The struggle is real, but I’m blessed to still be able to move around… even with assistant.

Honorable Mentions

Other honorable mentions include FATIGUE, constipation, acid reflux, nausea, and FATIGUE. Did I mention FATIGUE?!

As I approach the end of the second trimester, I’m eager to see what the third trimester holds. Will I make it through my babymoon? Will I have to start medications? Will I make it to term without any issues? Will I make it to my scheduled C-section date? Only time will tell.

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