Women, Let’s Stand Together! – My Reflections on the Supreme Court Ending the Constitutional Right to Abortion.

DISCLAIMER: I want to preface that this post is not going to intentionally pick a side, so please be patient with it. Like any blog of mine, I’m just throwing out some ideas and want people to think critically. Please, please, please keep that in mind when you comment and I ask that you read the entire blog before commenting.

What’s going on … Really?…

Let’s go back to the basics. The United States has 3 branches of power for the federal government: judicial, executive, and legislative. The big players in each are the Supreme Court, President of the United States, and Congress respectively. The name of the game is checks and balances. No one man should have too much power and each is there too make sure no one branch has too much control. Congress makes laws, the President can veto those laws, and the Supreme Court can say if either of those actions are constitutional. Let me repeat… Constitutional. The Supreme Court is not about right or wrong, left or right; it’s about upholding the constitution. The constitution is the fabric and foundation of our government. Without it, we do not have what we consider the United States of America.  The nuance of The United States of America is that the states have the power and the ability to dictate what happens in their state. Moreover, each state also has a system of checks and balances that mimics the federal government.

Today’s ruling was based on the constitution. After years of debate, it was ruled today that it was unconstitutional for the federal government to determine the right of all women to have an abortion. Instead the states were given the power to decide their own laws regarding abortion. So, abortion is not outlawed in the United States, but it is in certain states. I found this article helpful. It highlights where certain states stands. I appreciate Supreme Court rulings because they highlight the importance of state governments and exploit the way this country was originally designed. This is really a huge lesson in government. The President can’t be to blame for everything, marching on Washington is limited, and it’s time to concentrate efforts on a local front.

So Abortion isn’t outlawed..

Yes and no. Now that the states have the power, it’s based on the state. Again, this article gives the breakdown of the laws in each state. The gist is that some people should be concerned. The federal government is no longer involved and the states have the power. Ironically many states have been waiting for this and have trigger laws that outlawed and make abortion illegal as soon as the ruling happened. In fact, some states cancelled all scheduled abortions today. All of this highlights a lot of people’s misattributed faith in the federal government. States have a lot of power and you need to be aware of what that power entails. Staying woke isn’t just keeping up with the President. We the people means something.

My Condolences

Although this is a prayer answered for many people, it is a complete nightmare for others. While some see it as a stand for life, others see it as a violation of their rights. I want us to be thoughtful about what this ruling means. “Pro life” and “Pro choice” only scratch the surface of this ruling and the weight it carries. Below, I’m going to list some groups of people and scenarios in which people could be rejoicing and lamenting. My heart goes out to all of them. I encourage you to think about these people as well:

My heart goes out to the people that feel defeated by today’s decision.

My heart goes out to the people that feel mental unrest from the decision.

My heart goes out to the people who’s life’s work went into abortion rights.

My heart goes out to the mothers that had scheduled abortions and feel hopeless.

My heart goes out to the mothers that were forced to have an abortion and are relieved.

My heart goes out to all mothers that are forced to get abortions my their family members and spouses; a less talked about form of abuse.

My heart goes out to all the women that wish they could conceive.

My heart goes out to all the women that have had to have abortions for medical reasons.

My heart goes out to the people who were raped and face the mental turmoil or possibly of not having an abortion.

My heart goes out to all those will sexual trama that see the ruling as another assault to their bodies and choice.

My heart goes out to all the mothers that decided to keep children that were products of rape and are triggered by abortion topics.

My heart goes out to the women that are told and are made to feel like they don’t have choice.

My heart goes out for all the hatred surrounding these debates as if we aren’t taking about people.

My heart goes out to all the fathers that didn’t know they could have had a child.

My heart goes out to all the pregnant women that are triggered by the topic of abortion.

My heart goes out to the physicians won’t be able to do their job because of factors outside of medicine.

My heart goes out to domestic abuse victims that may be more likely to abuse given less options.

My heart goes out to those who will choose to do a nonmedical abortion.

My heart goes out to the physicians that will have to deal with the aftermath of a nonmedical abortion.

My heart goes out to the organizations that will be threatened due to this decision. FYI, organizations on both sides will be affected.

My heart goes out to the people who will be vulnerable because of this decision.

My heart goes out to the broken relationships and cancelling that will likely ensue.

My heart goes out to the people that don’t have empathy for a person because they are “pro life” or “pro choice”

My heart goes out to all the emotional turmoil and triggering that will occur because of this decision.

My heart goes out to anyone that doesn’t see abortion as a topic about humanity and the human condition.

My heart goes out to the protestors.

My heart goes out to the legislators. Reform will be needed.

My heart goes out to the judges that had to make this hard decision and are likely receiving threats.

My heart goes out to the countless women that will die because of this decision; whether by angry opposition, lack of medical care, health care disparities, domestic violence, or nonmedical abortion. May none of their deaths be in vain.

What Ticks Me Off

Although the debate about abortion is far from extinguished and this will be an ongoing concern, I must admit that I hate that abortion rights are equal or synonymous to women’s rights for most people. You go to a women’s rights protest and it’s as if we are only concerned with that issue.  Below are things that I frequently get on my soapbox about that don’t get as much airtime.

Domestic Violence Law Reform and Disparities in Domestic Violence Help– Many states continue to victimize women and protect men with their laws concerning domestic violence.

Unequal Pay– This link highlights that the gap is more for older women. However, it does not highlight that people of different genders in the same position get paid unequally.

Pink tax– Yes … You get paid less and have to pay more.

Paid Maternity Leave– I’ve had a maternity leave as low as 6 weeks. NY state recently made paid maternity leave mandated in the last 5 years, so I can just imagine what’s happening in other states.

Laws regarding statutory rape and rape in general– Knowing that your perpetrator may get a pass and that you were “allegedly” raped is quite unsettling.

Contraception– If you’re going to ban abortion, please give people other options of choice.

Maternal Mortality– Giving life still means risking your life for many minorities. Let’s not ignore that!!!

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3 thoughts on “Women, Let’s Stand Together! – My Reflections on the Supreme Court Ending the Constitutional Right to Abortion.

  1. I think we can all agree that no one likes abortion. But the reason abortion is so important and seems to always be at the forefront of women’s rights issues is because of equality. The only way to make women equally in control of their lives as men is to give them the same ability that allows men to control their lives, which is to not be pregnant at any given moment or ever become pregnant if they so choose. Now a woman’s geographical location, and not the constitution, determines whether or not she has the right to be as in control of her body and life as men do in every state. Women in certain states will be robbed of the ability to decide whether or not they choose to accept the numerous health risks and potentially adverse social and economic consequences that are inextricably tied to pregnancy. A man could never be subject to any of this despite the fact that he engaged in the exact same act to create a baby as a woman did. When you allow states to decide whether a woman has to accept those risks and potential consequences, she has been disadvantaged because of her sex.

  2. I will never forget the day I received the phone call from my ob confirming the fatal diagnosis for my 3rd pregnancy.
    The 4 excruciating weeks leading up to the diagnosis I spent crying in bed, endlessly obsessing over every scenario, trying to grasp the reality of what was happening.
    And then there I was, a happily married mother of 2, 17 weeks pregnant, scheduled to get her sweet dying boy a lidocaine shot straight into his heart.. something I knew would haunt me for the rest of my life. One could speculate and think for certain that they know what they would do in my situation but I promise it is impossible. Which is why I am so thankful for people that can feel empathy for women in my position and in any position that would need to do something so unbelievably heartbreaking.

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