My Year of No Beer- Sprint 26: The Final Sprint, but start of the Marathon

Time to celebrate!!! Please believe this is Win non-alcoholic sparkling wine!

These blog posts document my journey of abstaining from alcohol for a year with the help of the One Year No Beer program.  Please feel free to comment because I know there are others that could benefit from hearing your voice as well. I would be thrilled if we could be on this journey together. I started this blog about 60 days in the challenge, so there’s plenty of time for us to be goal friends.

Sprint 26- , 2022-  2022

Day 357

Today’s inspiration encouraged me to think about how I feel near the end of my challenge. The best way for me to address this would be to mention my actual feelings and how my body feels.

I feel content. Since starting this challenge, I have been at peace. I am also excited for what the future holds. The end of a challenge is always a new chapter. This experience has challenged my thoughts in ways I couldn’t imagine. I can’t wait to approach life with my new knowledge and mindset.

In addition to feeling emotionally well, I feel great in my body. At this point in my postpartum period, I would have definitely had a drink. I couldn’t imagine functioning with a drink now. Likely, that might have contributed to some of the difficulties I’ve had in the past with postpartum period. For the least, drinking wasn’t helping. In addition to helping me remain abstinent, this challenge has also motivated to take better care of my body and mind. I’m so grateful for being more present and able to be a better version of myself.

Day 358

Today’s inspiration encouraged me to reflect on all the things I overcame over the course of the challenge. The beginning of the challenge was an incredibly difficult time. I was recently hospitalized and had two loved ones in the hospital. Both of those loved ones also needed major surgeries. In the midst of that chaos, I loss multiple family members and close family friends. It was a time stricken with grief. In addition to external stressors, I overcame mental barriers as well. Many of my core beliefs about alcohol have been changed forever. There are many places and events I can now attend without feeling that alcohol is needed to enjoy them.

Day 359

Today’s inspiration was about my favorite moment during the challenge. There were so many good moments and it’s hard to pick my favorite. However, my most entertaining moments were when people envied my mocktails at wine dinners. As others got their wines, I had a mixologist killing it at the bar. I felt so special.

Day 360

Today’s inspiration was about how loved ones have reacted to my year without beer challenge. My children have been excited throughout the challenge because I can share my drinks with them. You can see their faces light up as they enjoy a mocktail with their mother. My husband has been very supportive. He only offers nonalcoholic options and he’s one of my main supporters. Many of my friends and family members have also been supportive. However, there is a resounding preference that I resort to moderation as opposed to abstinence. I don’t fault them for their desires because I’m still on the fence after a year without alcohol and experiencing all the advantages.

Day 361

Today’s inspiration was about what made me laugh the most. Some hold the misconception that they would have less fun and laugh less without alcohol. I never thought that, but to answer the question, I’ve been cracking up because of my husband. He’s probably funny with or without alcohol, but he’s been a hoot recently. To describe his humor, it’s a mix between Seinfeld and Dave Chappelle… Stating the obvious with an edge of cynicism.

Day 362

Today’s inspiration was about reflecting on what made me the most proud during this challenge. I am most proud of my resilience during difficult times. I didn’t try to escape my hardships with substances. I had to truly tap into my faith and inner strength to cope. I also used my resources and support systems more effectively. Although I’m most proud of this, I am also the most grateful and humbled by it and well.

Day 363

Today’s inspiration was about reflecting on the positive changes that have occurred during my alcohol free adventure. First, my fertility is suspected to have increased. My main tip for couples trying to conceive is to cut the alcohol. This was my tip before my challenge and it still stands. My other change was that I prioritized my health more. I was running consistently and eating healthier. This carried into my pregnancy and made that a more pleasant experience as well.

Day 364

Today’s inspiration was about whether I’ve found my authentic self after going alcohol free. I don’t think using alcohol affected my authenticity. Nevertheless, I believe this challenge was transformative. The greatest part of this challenge was that it was more than abstinence. It was about life change. I believe that I’m a better version of myself due to the skills and new mindsets I’ve developed on this challenge. However, I shouldn’t discount that abstaining from alcohol took this enrichment to the next level. I also can’t negate that drinking alcohol would get in the way of me continuing many of the lifestyle changes I have and want to continue.

Day 365


I’m so excited. This has been a great year and I highly recommend this challenge for anyone that wants to change their life and their relationship with alcohol. I don’t believe I would have been as transformed if I took the break without the program. The guidance and support throughout this year has been invaluable. Like I said in previous posts, I don’t have a current desire to drink and my default will be to avoid booze. However, I have a plan for moderation once I decide to drink again.

Thank you for reading this blog. A special thank you to those who have read the whole serie. Thank you to everyone that encouraged me along the way. I truly hope that sharing my experience was helpful to you. As the title of this blog implies, this is only the beginning. Let’s continue to live and learn together!

If you want more information about the One Year No Beer program. Check out this LINK. I strongly recommend this program if you question your relationship with beer. Even if you’re doing a “dry” month, it could be helpful for you to meet your goal.

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