My Disney Vlog Obsession

I tell everyone I don’t watch television. That’s partially true. I don’t watch television, but I watch a lot of content on YouTube. My preferred content is Disney vlogs. Like anime, Disney vlogs are my escape. Anime is an escape because it presents life’s concepts in an alternate reality of heros, demons, chibis, and fighters. Disney vlogs are an escape because Disney was my happy place. Yes… was. I’ve been painfully aware of how political Disney can be and it has killed the magic for me. I also feel that Disney World has a lot of work to do with making you feel the magic in the parks. I feel the quality isn’t as good anymore. Nevertheless, I continue to watch countless hours of Disney vlogs. Part of me likes the fantasy of the Disney I grew up with and loved. I imagine everything that I watch to be amazing despite knowing much of it has been ok recently. Don’t get me wrong… Disney World is a great vacation, but it used to hit a lot differently years ago. Luckily, Disneyland is still a dream. When I watch those videos I know it’ll be even better in person.

I’m divulging all of this get other people’s perspectives about travel vlogs in general. I was talking to Arlinton about my obsession. He doesn’t get it, but he entertained a conversation about whether these blogs decrease or increase business for travel destinations. My argument is that these vlogs help people plan and instill enough FOMO that people book trips; thus increasing business. He countered by using me as an example. He believed that it decreased business because there were enough people that had no intention on traveling, but got their escapism fix through veiwing content. I’m interested to see what others think. Please leave a comment.

P.S. My favorite vlogs are the following:

Ordinary Adventures

Mammoth Club


All Ears

Kevin Heimbach

Taylor Strickland

Provost Park Pass

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