Recapping Suicide Prevention Month

September is National Suicide Awareness Month, and September 10th marks World Suicide Awareness Day. This year, I was committed to raising awareness by sharing a series of videos on my YouTube channel, “Mental Health In The Real World.” I have uploaded 17 informative videos focused on suicide prevention. These videos cover crucial topics such as seeking help for suicidal thoughts, supporting others facing these thoughts, and strategies for coping with suicidal ideation.

These videos contain life-saving information that can benefit both you and your loved ones. I kindly ask for your support by liking, subscribing, and sharing these videos to maximize their reach and help as many people as possible.

A Word on Suicide Prevention and Adolescence

Suicide stands as the second-leading cause of death among individuals aged 15 to 24 in the United States. Drawing from my experience working in psychiatric emergency departments, I can unequivocally attest to the validity of this alarming statistic. Whenever a teenager is admitted with suicidal thoughts or self-harm tendencies, I consistently take the time to counsel parents or guardians on the importance of creating a safe home environment. This involves securely storing sharp objects, safeguarding medications, and implementing any additional measures they believe would enhance their loved one’s safety. It’s worth noting this because the resistance I encounter on this matter is truly staggering.

I encounter resistance for various reasons. Some parents or guardians struggle to envision their teenager actually acting upon these thoughts. Others are so emotionally drained that the idea of taking on another task seems insurmountable. Furthermore, there are those who remain in denial that any of these issues are occurring. Nevertheless, emphasizing the importance of securing the environment is paramount. It not only contributes to the teenager’s safety but also allows them time to reconsider and utilize a safety plan if their urges become overwhelming. Implementing these precautions could prevent numerous return visits to the emergency department and, ultimately, save lives.

However, it’s essential to stress that while suicide prevention is crucial, not all suicides can be averted. The concept of achieving zero suicides places an overwhelming burden on caregivers, providers, and even the individuals themselves. I firmly believe that we cannot prevent every suicide, but we can certainly reduce the numbers through collective effort.

I invite you to explore the “Mental Health In The Real World” channel, particularly the “Suicide Prevention” playlist. Additionally, my channel features other valuable content, and I plan to maintain a regular upload schedule. My overarching goal is to diminish the stigma surrounding mental health and empower individuals with the tools to advocate for themselves and others in matters of mental well-being. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on any videos you find helpful. To stay updated, please subscribe to this blog and my other YouTube channels, ensuring you won’t miss any future content.

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